Do you worry that you might be a compulsive hoarder?

Do you wonder what you can do about compulsive hoarding?

Its scary to see hoarding images on TV and realize that you could be the person labeled a compulsive hoarder in that TV show. And it’s overwhelming to look at your own piles of clutter, want to keep everything just the way it is, but know deep down that you can’t continue to live this way.

If the description above rings true for you, what can you do to make a change? This is a big step and when you’re ready, you’ll need to ask for help. When you reach out and surround yourself with a caring and compassionate support team, you’re headed toward the change you desire.

Hi, I’m Patty Wolf. I’ve been studying hoarding disorder for years. I’m a professional organizer, senior move manager, and hoarding specialist. I help people dig through the clutter, simplify their lives, and make their homes functional again.

One of my clients recently said she couldn’t believe that we could go into a cluttered room and have it completely organized in a few hours, or get one floor of her small house organized in two days. Yet it is true! She knew it was time for a new start; she made the decisions needed to make huge strides each day. She went from a home where she couldn’t even see the floors or use her shower, to one that is uncluttered, organized and comfortable.

Do you think you might be a “hoarder?” Do you live in a “hoarding” situation? Do your family and friends refer to you as a “hoarder?” There may have been a significant event in your life that started you down the road to hoarding, or it could have been that you recognized early on that organizing was challenging for you. It may have started with one messy room, and before you knew it, your home was completely full of stuff and out of control. A kind friend or even a hoarding TV show may have been the “tipping point” for you.

If you can imagine a different future – a more livable, more organized and functional home – then there is hope that you can change your environment and your habits, and live a changed life! But just seeing a different future is only one step toward organization.

The next step is to enlist help. A certified professional organizer trained in chronic disorganization and hoarding (CPO-CD®) can help you see what needs to be done and help you develop a realistic organizing plan. Working beside you, a trained organizer can ease your anxiety and help you take action as you dig out from the clutter. You may be surprised that just asking for help begins the amazing process of change! Let’s talk. Call 708-828-6652.