Downsize With Dignity!

My mother’s friend Helen was amazing. She was a senior who had physical challenges and needed daily assistance. She knew that she could no longer live on her own. So, she decided to downsize to a senior community. I’ve never seen anything like it! Helen asked her family and friends if they wanted any of her furniture or belongings. She downsized and gave away her stuff with confidence. Afterward, she arranged for a local charity to pick up the remaining items. Her long-time family home was cleared, cleaned and downsized in no time and Helen moved into a senior community to receive the care she needed.

How in the world did Helen make senior downsizing look so easy? She had realistic expectations, she understood her limitations, and she was ready to move on and begin an exciting new phase of her life. Helen was positive and upbeat, she was warm and friendly, and easily made new friends. She energetically tackled obstacles in her path and moved toward her goals. Helen didn’t hesitate or procrastinate, or let fear block her progress.

I was excited to hear updates from my mother. It all happened so quickly! It was obvious to me that Helen had taken the time to process her thoughts and feelings about senior downsizing. When she was ready, she made a plan and followed through. I’m sure it wasn’t easy but she moved forward with dignity. Sadly, Helen has passed on now. She was such a great role model! She didn’t use her physical disabilities as an excuse for being “stuck.” Helen modeled strength, a positive perspective, wisdom, generosity and much more. I will always remember her. And when it’s my turn I hope to downsize as she did—with dignity!

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