Hoarding Transformation – Clearing & Organizing a Hoarded Home

Clearing and organizing hoarded homes is a passion for StuffBusters. People reach out to us for help when they feel completely overwhelmed and they’re drowning in clutter. They don’t know how to begin to tackle the chaos that surrounds them but a hoarding transformation is needed. Sometimes it’s a concerned family member or friend who calls on behalf of the person who hoards. Other times it’s the hoarding individual themselves who gives me a call because they’re at a tipping point and something’s got to give. They can’t continue living in these conditions and they’re finally ready for change.

Ready for Change? Then the Hoarding Transformation Can Happen!

These are the folks who we can help! We begin with a phone assessment to determine the individual’s “readiness of change.” (see ICD Fact Sheet O10) A person may begin with a gut feeling that they’re not happy with their lifestyle; they start to think about other possibilities and they might reach out to StuffBusters for guidance and support. When the individual sets aside the physical, emotional, and financial resources needed to tackle the hoarding situation, they’ve moved “beyond talking.” This is the moment where they schedule an appointment and soon begin their hoarding transformation with us. We serve our clients with compassion, patience and sensitivity. There’s no time for judgment. We’re busy helping our clients progress toward their goals.

Decision-Making and Sorting – The Hoarding Transformation Begins

Working in a hoarded environment is a complex and challenging endeavor. StuffBusters is well-trained, experienced and prepared to help our clients advance toward a clean, clear, organized home. “Team StuffBusters” tackles projects focused on the partnership we enjoy with each client. Our professional organizers begin the process by sorting items into categories. Clients are involved in decision-making regarding items to be kept, donated, given to family or friends, sold, shredded or trashed. Difficult decisions will be made during each organizing session. The result is that over time decision-making becomes easier. YAY!

Hoarding Transformation in a few Short Days!

Team StuffBusters brings along bags, boxes, labels, and packing paper. We’re busy packing and labeling items to keep and bagging items for donation. After a few days of team work there’s a dramatic transformation taking place in the home. The hauler removes items that are no longer needed, “keepers” are sorted, boxed, labeled and neatly stacked, the handyman has made repairs and the carpet is scheduled to be cleaned. An extreme cleaning service is working to restore sanitary conditions in the home. WOW! It truly is an amazing experience. And you thought it couldn’t be done!

The key to success is being “ready” for change. If you get “unstuck” and decide you’re finished hoarding give StuffBusters a call at 708-828-6652. We’ll help you simplify your life and get where you want to go! If you want to work with StuffBusters but you’re feeling anxious and unsure, let’s talk. This is a process that takes time. It’s your choice when you will begin to live the life you deserve!