Jeanne’s perspective on senior downsizing

Yesterday I attended a baby shower with my friend and her 90-year “young” mother. We’ll call my friend’s mother “Jeanne.” Somehow we began talking about her senior downsizing experience and I was fascinated with her story and her positive perspective.

Five years ago her daughter suggested that Jeanne move back from out of state to live near her family. Jeanne came into town to take a look at several senior communities and she found one that stood out, above all the others. She returned home, hired a mover, a realtor, and an estate sale specialist. Jeanne decided what she was taking with her to her new home and left everything else behind. After the move, the estate sale company came in and sold the remaining contents. After the sale, everything leftover was donated or trashed. Jeanne’s home was cleaned and put on the market. She downsized her home when she was 85 years old and she was still playing golf and tennis!

So how is Jeanne doing today at age 90? She loves her new home! She’s near her family and she has made many new friends. Jeanne said there are so many activities at her senior community that she has to carefully decide where to spend her time and energy. She’s in a book club, a bridge club, and a dinner club. She exercises daily, volunteers at the gift shop, and attends theater performances in the city. Jeanne says the private bus takes residents shopping at the mall and to the grocery. She’s relieved to be near her family in case anything happens to her. She has chosen a senior community that provides all levels of care, so she will never have to move away from her new home.

Jeanne is a big fan of senior downsizing and is so glad she moved when she did. She is blessed with good health and loves her active lifestyle and new friends. What a positive perspective on senior downsizing!

Patty Wolf, CPO-CD®, the founder and owner of StuffBusters, is a Senior Move Manager and professional organizer. When you’re ready to downsize your home, we’re here to help! You can reach us at 708-828-6652.