Minimize Distractions when Organizing

I worked with a new client today who is easily distracted when she’s trying to organize. She finds herself zig-zagging from one task to another without completing what she starts. She knows she must minimize distractions when organizing, but with no organizing progress in sight, she gets frustrated and shuts down. This is a pattern that repeats itself time after time and eventually “Carol” gives up. She describes herself as “paralyzed” and unable to face the disaster in her home.

So what did Carol do to address the clutter problem? She reached out to me for help. She told me over the phone that she is ashamed and embarrassed to have anyone see her living conditions. Carol believes that she should be able to manage this chaotic situation on her own, and she’s disappointed and feels like a failure.

Tips to Minimize Distractions

The first thing we did today is sit together and talk about what bothers her the most. Distractions are a problem we addressed right off the bat. What are some tips that will help Carol stay focused and minimize distractions while organizing? These are a few ideas that she’s going to experiment with:

  • No television
  • No phone calls
  • Music playing in the background will energize her
  • Don’t leave the room to put things away
  • Make the bed and wash dishes every day
  • For organizing projects, commit to small chunks of time (20-30 minutes)

Think about what distracts you when you’re organizing. You might find Carol’s tips to be helpful, or maybe you have other ideas that will be more effective for you. You don’t have to do this alone. Let me help you get the ball rolling! Call me at 708-828-6652.