How much Time Will it Take to Organize Your Home?

Some Clients Need More Time to Organize

It’s amazing how clients differ in their “readiness for change.” Some people need to take their time and think slowly and deliberately before making decisions about each and every item they touch. Other clients need to talk about the memories that pop up as they handle their possessions. Some people think they’re ready for change until it comes time to making decisions to let go and then they suddenly realize that it’s not what they want to do. Yesterday they were ready, but today they’re not. Some of us need lots of organizing time.

Some Clients Need Less Time to Organize

And then there are those clients who blow me away with their readiness for change! When they say they’re ready, they’re really ready. When we show up in the morning, these folks are ready to roll. They already know where they want to begin and what the outcome will be. They’ve taken the time to think through the organizing process and make decisions on how the room will look when we’re finished. It’s exciting to see them in action, making quick decisions, not lingering over each item. These are the people who have reached a “tipping point” and are motivated to experience dramatic changes. They let us do our jobs, quickly helping them sort, clear and organize their homes. And as a result, they receive an amazing financial and emotional value through this experience!

You Decide How much Time You Need to Organize

It’s really your decision how long it will take to get organized. We’re thrilled to provide you with the best value, if that’s what you’re looking for! Just remember, this is your life. We are here to help you make your life better, however you want to get there.