Go Team Go! Organizing a Household with Teamwork!

Good grief! How in the world do you manage a household with two working parents and 4 school age kids? Start by thinking “EASY.” What’s the easiest way to get things done? Teamwork! Whether it’s preparing meals, doing laundry, or cleaning the bathroom, the most efficient and effective way to make progress is to work with others. So often at the end of a long day parents tell their kids “Clean your room!” It’s the rare kid who is motivated to clean up when they’re in their bedroom alone. In fact, they’re really good at throwing all the mess into the closet and drawers, creating chaos on top of chaos!

Body Double Organizing

Think about it…isn’t that what you would do if you were a kid? How about if your mom or dad came to keep you company? Might that help? There’s an organizing technique called “Body Double” in which a second person is there to anchor the first person to help them stay focused on completing the task at hand. That’s teamwork! The body double might actually help out or they might be there for moral support. Either way, this person is a vital player on the team. A body double can be a family member or a friend. Both team members know the goal (to clean the bathroom) and make a plan (I’ll clear the vanity and you clean the sink).

Motivation and Negotiation

So now you’re saying, “Yeah, right, I don’t see my son going along with this idea!” This is where motivation comes into play. What is important to your son? What does he enjoy doing? Let’s say he enjoys playing video games. You negotiate a deal where he helps a designated family member clean the bathroom and then he gets a reward of 30 minutes of game time. Let’s say your teenage daughter loves social networking. You can negotiate with her to help prepare a meal with a family member and she is rewarded with 30 minutes of phone time. Go team!


Think of all the chores that must be done around your house. How can you incorporate teamwork and body double into your family life in order to get things done and have fun together along the way? Let me know if I can help! 708-828-6652