The Ups and Downs of Senior Downsizing

It’s understandable that most seniors procrastinate when it comes to making the emotional decisions about senior downsizing. We’ve spent a lifetime collecting our possessions and we’d rather just leave things the way they are for now. It can be heart-wrenching to admit that in our senior years we no longer engage in our favorite hobbies and interests which have been important to us for years. We tend to keep equipment and supplies long after we stop using them. It’s difficult to make decisions for the life we live today, and downsize and let go of the trappings of the past. Most of us, at any age, have too much stuff. In our senior years, we can choose to be “stuck” and continue living with the stuff we no longer use. Or, we can choose to downsize and enjoy the freedoms of this new phase of life!

Here’s an example of what can happen when seniors downsize with StuffBusters: If you’ve ever decluttered, cleaned and organized your garage then you already know what I’m talking about. It’s exhilarating to dispose of clutter, clean and organize the garage, and donate all the stuff you don’t use! It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders. And you keep going back to look at your organized garage again and again. That’s what senior downsizing is about—that kind of relief! And that’s an example of what you’ll experience when you downsize your home with the caring professionals at StuffBusters.

StuffBusters owner, Patty Wolf, will lighten the burden on your shoulders and will take care of all the complicated details of senior moving and downsizing. When you downsize your home with StuffBusters you’ll feel relief, one step at a time. With care and compassion, Patty and her team assist you with decision-making—and we facilitate the removal of recycling, shredding, charitable donations and discards.

Just imagine your relief when the downsizing of your home is complete! When you’re ready, we’re ready! Give us a call at 708-828-6652.